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Free sip account

Sign up for free with Diamondcards.us <click here> and call other VoIP users and any virtual DID VoIP phone number around the world for very low price (but very good quality!). All you need is a  VoIP Phone or Softphone configured with your account details and you can make free calls straight away. You can use Nimbuzz as well (SIP client on your PC or mobile phone). Please note that while your are calling SIP to SIP (from one VoIP phone to another VoIP phone) all calls are free of charge as you are calling inside VoIP server. If you plan to make International calls or domestic calls you will be billed accordingly to your provider calling rates. Some providers have “unlimited offer” packages when you pay some fixed monthly fee and can make as many calls as you need – in most cases this is limited offer as they give you one active line or/and limit your destinations. Fair scenario is when you billed on per minute (or per second) basis and you know calling rates in advance for outgoing calls.

Other options to get a free SIP VoIP account:

I will post all I can find about free SIP VoIP accounts. Some of them are “free” but designed to sell a commercial services if you need to make an outgoing calls to non-VoIP destinations.

SIP2SIP is free SIP service that provides a SIP account that can be used for applications beyond Voice over IP. The service is distributed in multiple data centers for high availability and scalability purposes.

Also I’d recommend to check telephony services on sip:sip.antisip.com – if you want a free account, register on http://sip.antisip.com

Also you can register for a “VoIP talk” account and start making free calls. This account also enables you to call users on up to 400 other VoIP networks for free. You also get 10 minutes of call time as a small bonus from them to allow you to start making calls to non-VoIP destinations (PSTN termination). There are the links: Overview and signup

Another interesting way: free VoIP calls using Google voice & SIP gate – read here.

You can try free account from freespeech.co.uk as well.


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